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We are helping digital conferences come alive and for you to be able to network online with a contactless digital business card. The world is now in the digital age and everyone is adjusting their businesses and lifestyles to suit. Regular hard copy business cards have to be physically distributed and you would have to pay if you wanted them to be seen outside your country. Our digital business cards allow you to share your brand and details instantly at any time, with anyone to anywhere in the world. With so many ways of communicating with possible clients or new partners, it’s easy to distribute your card through email, Whatsapp or any social media platforms. You don’t have to pay for them to be printed and as long as you have your phone with you, you’ve got your card with you.

Revolutionary Digital Business Card Chelsea

The way that Brand Card works is very simple. Begin with selecting your personalised design option. This will give you the base for your new digital business card. Then you can input the data that you want to be highlighted for people to see. Things like your website address, phone number and email are a good place to start. Once you have completed those two steps, you are good to go. You can instantly start sharing your new business card with anyone an unlimited amount of times.

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To see more information about our digital business card or us then simply head over to our website. You can easily get in touch with us using the contact details found on this page. One of our friendly team will be happy to give you some more info and answer any questions you might have.

Keep in touch and up to date with all of our latest news and information by following us on our social media pages. We post regular updates and imagery of what we get up to. Be the first to know about any changes or new benefits.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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