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We have had people tell us that incentive and loyalty programmes don’t work for their audiences but in our experience this is very rarely the case! Since starting our work in this industry some 30 years ago now, we have been designing incentive and customer loyalty programmes to drive sales for some of world’s leading brands. We’ve had successful programmes and schemes with the like of BMW, Orange, Microsoft and Honda to name a few.

Our mission is to create extraordinary long term growth for extraordinary companies

It often isn’t the reward itself that motivators a person, but rather the dopamine rush we get from spreading the word to our family and friends about it. Simple incentive programmes and vouchers is going to do little to motivate a high performer to change their habits. These loyalty programmes need to be well crafted and approached strategically. You need to be clear about the problem it will solves and work to the psychology of your audiences. The next step is to think about the most extraordinary way you could achieve it and then decide on your delivery option.

Incentive And Customer Loyalty Programmes London

We are proud of our work at Orangutan, our programmes typically deliver 47-900% increases in sales and return 20-40 times the initial cost of funding them. If this sounds like something that will benefit your company then don’t hesitate to speak with us. With your help and knowledge of your industry, we can create some phenomenal results.

You can find plenty more information over on the Orangutan website. All of our contact details are right here on this page if you would like to get in touch. Our team are very friendly and provide an exceptional service from first point of contact to the finished product. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Loyalty Programmes London

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